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A lot of people who get diagnosed with herpes feel that their love life would come to a standstill. It is the emotional pain that takes precedence over the physical pain generally associated with the symptoms of herpes. However, herpes doesn’t mark an end to your life and you could pretty much live a normal life despite being affected with the herpes simplex virus. While things would have certainly been difficult in the pre – internet era, the inception of the World Wide Web has made things a lot easier.

People living with herpes or those who have recently been diagnosed with this infection can follow these guidelines in order to seek assistance:

·Online communities / dating sites: Online herpes dating websites and apps have emerged as a ray of hope to those people who felt they would never be able to find a life companion after getting herpes. There are many websites that boast of a subscriber of over a million users. You could become a member on any site, design a comprehensive profile and connect with like – minded people. Finding someone who would always be with you through thick and thin is certainly the best feeling.

·Support forums: Support forums are always buzzing with something new and interesting. You could get to learn a lot about herpes and ways of dealing with the symptoms through these forums. Not only would you be able to seek assistance from others but also help people get over the stigma attached with herpes. All you need to do is participate in discussions and build a rapport with like – minded individuals. You also stand a chance to make friends or finding a life companion here.

·Herpes care centers: Herpes care centers have counselors as well as medical experts who can not only help you deal with the painful symptoms associated with herpes but also guide you on how you’d be able to get over the emotional stress that the sexually transmitted infection brings along. Healthcare providers would suggest therapies as well as lifestyle changes that you need to incorporate to lead a healthy life.

·Clubs: By clubs we do not refer to those that host parties and have insanely loud music. Herpes clubs are places that bring together hundreds of singles and couples who are affected with the herpes simplex virus. This would give you an ideal platform to interact with those who have successfully overcome the stigma attached with the STD. If you prefer meeting people in the real world, this is the right place to head to.

·STD experts: If you’re already in a relationship and been diagnosed with herpes, it is essential that you visit a STD expert who’d guide you on ways to avoid transmitting the infection to your companion. Also you can try online STD expert on some dating sites like Positivesingles.com. In case both you as well as your partner are affected with herpes, this becomes essential as you wouldn’t want to experience the painful outbreaks over and over again.

According to statistics, the herpes simplex virus affects 1 in 5 individuals in the United States of America. Despite the fact that it happens to be one of the most common STDs in this part of the world, the stigma attached with it, makes it very tough for people to get over it and end up getting into a shell. The aforementioned guidelines would certainly make your life easier, allowing you to live an absolutely normal life.

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