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On November 2, 2015 an article was published in the UK telegraph suggesting that online dating sites and apps have actually helped to spread STDs. Obviously this is a highly controversial statement to make, and the facts simply don't back up the arguments made in this article. The gist of the article is that online dating sites encourage quick encounters and make it easier for people to hook up for these encounters. What it doesn't really mention is that there are a lot of niche dating sites that are now available. If you're living with herpes, or any other STD, you can now go to a site to meet people you know are living with the same issues, you don't have to worry about infecting a healthy person. Here are three reasons that using an STD dating site can actually help to reduce the spread of STDs.

#1 as we suggested already online dating sites are now available that specifically cater to people with herpes or other STDs. The big advantage of a site like this is that when you join up you know you're going to meet people that have made a conscious choice to be there. No one forced them to join the site, and they're well aware that the people that they meet on the site are probably living with an STD. Even people that have joined the site that don't have herpes or any other STD have done so of their own free will, knowing what's at stake. Obviously if you made a conscious decision to meet up with people that are also living with herpes, or another STD, you're actually helping to reduce the risk that the STD will be spread about the general population. This sounds like a pretty positive development.

#2 The best herpes dating sites actually provide a lot of educational tools for their members. These maybe in the form of forums where you can ask questions of others living with an STD, they may be in the form of books you can order directly from their site, they may be in the form of blog posts that are full of good information, or they may provide links to support groups. It seems strange to suggest that a site that goes to these lengths to make sure their members have access to all the information possible to make an informed choice are actually helping to promote the spread of STDs. In fact nothing could be further from the truth. These sites are actually some of our best weapons in preventing the spread of STDs. Even the general online dating sites tend to provide information about practicing safe sex and avoiding the spread of STDs. It's up to you how you use this information, but having it available is a very good step.

#3 Perhaps the main reason to argue that online STD dating apps and sites are actually a positive development in the fight against the spread of STDs is that they actually allow people to make a conscious decision on who they want to meet up with. If someone's willing to date a person that has herpes that's up to them. At least when you visit an online dating site created for people with herpes, or any other STD, you're being proactive. You are not attempting to head out into the world where you might potentially spread the disease to an unknown partner. Sure you can meet someone at a bar and let them know that you have herpes, but that's an awkward conversation and it often doesn't happen. The one thing you can be sure of when you're using a dating site for people with herpes is that everyone on it has made a conscious decision to be there.

Contrary to the argument made in the article in the telegraph we mentioned in the opening paragraph, online dating sites can actually be a good way to help prevent the spread of STDs. Especially the niche dating sites that were actually created for people living with STDs. This is a place where you can go and meet other people with herpes, or another STD , without having to worry about spreading the disease to people that aren't already living with the infection.

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