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April is STD awareness month so we want to put in our efforts to make parents throughout the globe be aware of STD diseases and how to prevent your children from being affected by them. (STD) Sexually transmitted diseases are common health problems that are majorly found in young people and I’s not just in developed countries but most people in underdeveloped countries are also suffering from this. Sure, these diseases occur through the sexual intercourse and young people, mostly ages starting from the teenager group are commonly practiced with it. No matter how much parents or single parents try to make them avoid it, they will somehow, maybe behind their backs do it. That’s just how the generation is going these days. So if you cannot stop them from avoiding sexual intercourse what you can do is let them be aware about its symptoms and diseases and how it affects their health.

These diseases are commonly found in adolescents because of the unprotected safety measures. Since they are not aware about all the details of what to do and what not to do, they get carried away which results in STD. Too numerous individuals need to stay away from the point out and out, however general wellbeing information demonstrate to us that there is a concealed STD plague in this country. Actually, CDC gauges 20 million new STD diseases happen every year in the United States, costing the human services framework about $16 billion in direct restorative expenses. The issue with most STDs is that they can happen side effect free and can accordingly be gone on ignorant amid unprotected sex. On an individual level, complexities can incorporate pelvic provocative illnesses and perhaps prompt ectopic pregnancies and barrenness. Female teenagers are liable to have a higher danger of getting an STD than their male partners as their accomplices are by and large more seasoned and thus more inclined to be tainted.

How To Prevent STDs:
Here are some tips to prevent STDs or at least limit it:

Mutual Monogamy:
Mutual monogamy is having sex with only your partner and no other person. Doing that will prevent you from risking yourself from STDs. There may be a chance of it, but will be a little chance of suffering from STDs. Moreover, if you or your partner has not had sex with any other than you’ll be safe from STD, but get a medical health checkup just in case.

Talk to your partner about STD. There’s no better way to prevent it than having a conversation about what could go wrong. Do not hesitate to provide your health care person about your sexual practices. If he does not know it all you cannot be treated better.

Get Tested:
Before you start having sex or getting involved with any kind of sex during your relationship with your partner get yourself tested before you do anything. It will help you to know about the precautions.

It’s a parents' job to prevent your children from doing the things that will be harmful for them so don’t hesitate to talk to your children about this issue. Let them be aware of the consequences and precautions.

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