Does herpes cause depression and fatigue?

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Herpes are this kind of sickness which can be troublesome. Scientists claims that having herpes bring unstable psychological effects and bothers soul and mind of herpes’ patients. Is that true that herpes might cause depress and fatigue? Before we answer to that question, let’s see what other problems you might have alone with STDs.

There are 5 stages of emotionally dealing with herpes.
·1st stage: Denial or ignoring herpes. Do not pay attention on symptoms and thinking it just might be an allergy instead of something serious. Even though the diagnosis and blood tests might bring positive results, many patients still are trying their best to deny what’s going on with their bodies.

·2nd stage: Anger and regretful feelings to the person who had been infected. Disappointing feelings towards yourself, thinking about revenge. Having a feeling of being idiot for sleeping with that particular person.

·3rd stage: Bargaining and another form of denying. Begging yourself and God for a change. Making fake promises to yourself.

·4th stage: Depression, feeling down, drained with no power to life. Possible stage to commit suicide. Sometimes accompanied together with eating and sleeping disorders. Possibility to loose job or fail studies.

·5th stage: Acceptance. Having positive feelings, being calm. Accept current situation, try to look out for help and proper solutions. Resuming to normal eating and sleeping habits. Being positive about the future.

While each person grieves the feeling connected with herpes differently, most people will go through all of these stages. Some of them might not go through particular stages, might skip them or change order often jumping back and forth between them. The most important thing here is to know that those stages might have different time frames, which obviously depends on the patient. What’s so ever different and mixed emotions might be associated with different stages. Some people will get to the Acceptance stage in months. For others, it may take a year or more.

One of key points here is to remember to love yourself. Do not blame yourself, bit yourself or explode with any kind of aggressive behavior. Don’t critic yourself or punish for “sins”. It’s never going to work that way.

You can find help in local medical center or you might take advices and go for therapy if you feel unable to handle herpes situation alone. Talk to your counselor about herpes and how to deal with them. Talk openly about feelings doesn’t matter if they are good or bad. Find a supportive family member or close friend who is willing to hear all your problems without judgment. Try out herpes social meeting club or any kind of supportive group. Do educate yourself about herpes and pay great attention to good physical health. Find some ways out to manage stress and do the things which make you happy. Treat yourself in a greatest way you can ever do. Love and respect yourself. Laugh a lot and don’t be afraid to meet new people and potential partners. There are many online dating sites for people with herpes who have successful love stories and happy marriage. Be grateful and remember that having herpes is not the end of the world.

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