Genital herpes and its management

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Genital herpes is a disease which can be caused and transferred quite easily to the human body. It's not curable but once you get it you can management and maintain health condition and avoid spreading the virus to others, especially to sexual partners.

In this article we will give you basic tips & tricks on how to deal with herpes.

Most important things you shall know about herpes are:
·Genital herpes is the leading sexual disease spread worldwide
·Most patients with genital herpes have no symptoms and don't know they are infected
·Counselling of patients and their sexual partners (as well as sexual history) is critical in the proper management of genital herpes
·C-section is recommended to all pregnant woman who has visible herpes or outbreaks after 34th week of pregnancy
·Genital herpes caused by HSV-2 infection has been shown to double the risk of becoming infected with HIV through sexual transmission
·Suppressive antiviral therapy for genital herpes should be routinely offered to people with both HSV and HIV

Even though herpes is not totally curable, patients who are confirmed to have them, can take oral medications to prevent spreads and outbreaks. All medicines shall be prescribed by a doctor and consulted before taking. The medicines recommended for are:

·Aciclovir 200 mg (five times per day) or 400 mg (three times per day)
·Valaciclovir 500 mg (twice a day)
·Famciclovir 250 mg (three times per day)

There is no evidence of benefit from courses of treatment longer than five days.

Counselling infected people and their sexual partners are integral and proper to the successful management of genital herpes. If possible bring your sexual partner along with you for consultations. Physicians need to provide counselling to help patients cope with infection and prevent sexual and perinatal transmission. Use of condoms with new or uninfected partners, particularly in the 12 months after the first attack is crucial for both sides. Sexual partners of infected patients should be advised that they may be infected even if they have no symptoms and have great body condition. Type-specific serological testing should be offered to those particular patients to determine whether they are at risk of HSV or not. Abstention from sexual activity during prodromal symptoms or when lesions are present is highly recommended.

Pregnant women who are not infected with HSV-2 should avoid sexual intercourse with their male infected partners during the third trimester. Women with a history of genital herpes or with male partners with a history of genital herpes should inform their doctors early in any pregnancy to prevent the risk.

Talking about patients with HIV episodes may be prolonged, more severe, and require a longer duration of antiviral treatment. The medicines recommended for those patients are:
·Aciclovir 400-800 mg (twice a day)
·Valaciclovir 500 mg (twice a day)
·Famciclovir 500 mg (twice a day)

All medicines need to be consulted with doctor or medical centre.

In conclusion genital herpes is an important public health disease that can cause health problems and life danger if it is undiagnosed and untreated. As soon as you have thoughts of being infected, contact your clinician as soon as possible for further information and oral treatment.

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