Herpes and having a tattoo. Is it dangerous?

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Herpes and tattoos, both topics are controversial so when we mix them all together, it seems to be a “bomb topic”. Tattoos, which are banned in some cultures, are usually made for showing off and expression. Herpes are sexually transmitted disease are have nothing to do with being trendy and cool. However, it seems like both topics are connections. Is it dangerous to have a tattoo while having herpes? Today we will try to answer that question and break any superstition.

1.Can you get a tattoo if you have genital herpes?
The answer is yes, you can. Doesn’t matter if yu ar going to have a tattoo on the intimate area or any other part of your body. However, if you are during sores outbreak it’s recommended to postpone the visit to a tattoo studio. Also, it’s best to inform you tattoo artist about STDs. With a great caution, your tattoo can be made without problems further on.

2.Can you get herpes from getting a tattoo?
Answer on this question is divided. Some people claim they do get herpes from tattoo needles, however, most of doctors and scientist telling it’s nearly impossible. Herpes and STDs do not spread through needles. Knowing that tattoo is literally a freshly made wound, your body will do its best to heal it quickly. Before visit and having a tattoo keeps your immune system in perfect condition.

3.Can you spread herpes to a freshly made tattoo?
It’s impossible to get herpes on the freshly made tattoo, however, if you are having herpes yourself or your partner has them, it’s best to protect tattoo while having sex. It’s always better to be cautious than sorry later.

4.Should you tattoo someone with herpes?
Yes, there’s no problem in making a tattoo to a person who is dealing with herpes. However, before starting the session, it’s best to make a detailed health interview with your client and ask for any possibilities or having STDs. In order to keep proper protection for yourself and the client, use latex gloves and sterilize needles and tattoo equipment before using. Keeping the working place clean is highly recommended not only for clients with herpes.

5.Can you remove a tattoo if you have herpes?
There’s no connecting of removing tattoo and herpes. A tattoo can be removed anytime, however, if it’s on herpes area or during sores outbreak, some precautions need to be taken. First, talk to a qualified person who will remove your tattoo by laser and tell her/her about your disease. If you are during the outbreak, it’s best to postpone tattoo removal for your own safety and health.

STDs and tattoos have some connections, however, most of them are just superstitions and rumors made by people with no medical qualification. Some tattoo artists claim to keep away from having a tattoo if you have herpes, however, it seems like it’s a bit of myth as well. Having herpes doesn’t mean disqualification for having art on your body.

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