Four Reasons It's Never a Good Idea to Lie about Having Herpes

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When you first find out that you're living with herpes you're bound to go through a lot of emotions. If you're in an existing relationship you're obviously worried about what this means to that relationship and how it affects your partner. If you're not, you're probably wondering if you'll ever date again. On top of these issues you'll also probably experience a little embarrassment and be tempted to keep everything to yourself. It’s never a good idea to lie about having herpes and here are five reasons why.

#1 Perhaps the biggest reason it's not a good idea to lie about having herpes is that it's simply morally wrong to do so. The STD you're now living with can potentially affect a lot of people other than yourself and they deserve to know the truth. If you choose to withhold the truth from them, or actually deny you're living with herpes when you know that you are, you're bound to feel a little guilt. There are no moral ambiguities here-it's wrong to lie about having herpes. You have enough to deal with knowing that you have an STD without burdening yourself with the guilt that comes with lying to people you have intimate contact with.

#2 if you knowingly lie about having an STD and then transmit it to someone else you may have to face legal consequences. Herpes may not be life-threatening, but it can still be very serious. Anytime you lie about something like this there is always the potential for a lawsuit.

#3 When you lie about having a disease like herpes and people find out about it, it can change the way they look at you. It's not only you and your partner that are affected by the STD, but also everyone you know. If your family and friends find out that you have herpes that won't necessarily change the way they think about you, but if they find out that you knowingly withheld this information from a sexual partner they may question your moral compass. In the long run, they may change the way they treat you and may even start to avoid you. There's no doubt that finding out you have herpes can change your life, but it doesn't have to change the people in your life.

#4 Although it's highly unlikely, there is the possibility that withholding the knowledge that you have herpes from a sexual partner can result in physical danger to yourself. Not everyone will take having herpes well. You never know how they might react, and it's not out of the realm of possibility that they might physically attack you. It has been known to happen although not very often. Still, the possibility exists and it's just another reason you really should avoid lying about having herpes with a sexual partner, or potential sexual partner.


Living with herpes is bound to change your life. There'll be ups and downs and a lot of emotional turmoil, but if you lie about having herpes to someone you're sexually involved with its bound to have negative consequences. Always be upfront and honest with those you love.

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