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New survey (the root causes of STDs on Hope) of nearly 4 000 STD-positive individuals reveal very interesting findings regarding the source of infection.

Many people might be surprised to know that genital herpes is not only sexually transmitted but can be spread via skin-to-skin contact if the skin is somehow compromised, that is, broken in any way. The herpes virus has a very short lifespan outside the body but it is possible for objects such as towels, and so on, to get infected.

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A recent survey of 3 716 herpes-positive individuals revealed some rather eye-opening results regarding how these individuals got infected. The survey was done by Hope. Interestingly, three hundred seventy individuals (9.96% of those surveyed) have no idea how they got infected. A whopping 55.44% (2 060 of the participants) contracted the virus from a boyfriend or girlfriend.

The founder behind the survey at Hope, commented that; “Many people think that prostitutes would score high for infecting others with herpes. However, our survey shows that only 1.18% (44 persons) of the population surveyed got infected by this means. On the other hand, 20.75%(771 individuals) got infected as a result of a one-night stand. One-night stand represents the second highest source of infection while current or ex-wife/ex-husband is third.”

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