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dating apps are an easy and convenient way to meet someone for a one-night stand, hook up and friends with benefits. It’s free and usually takes a couple of days to get laid. However recent studies have shown that the dating applications increase the number of sexually transmitted infections like herpes, STDs and even HIV.

Most of the dating apps do not put ANY effort on making sex safe and herpes free meetings. Dating app creators do not promote and give information to users about having herpes free dating which causes problems and STDs are spreading fast.

If people change partners quickly (just to have fun), and they've got other untreated sexually transmitted infections, it might just start an explosion of HIV in the young population worldwide.

dating apps are following wider social trends while being trends themselves. There is no place for sexual education and herpes free dating. People should be more educated in terms of sexual health and how to take their responsibilities, no matter how and where they've met their partner, however on the Internet no one care about it that much.

Dating applications which are “sexual education” free, are a great spot for people with herpes and HIV who are infecting people on purpose. Even though it’s forbidden and go under the law, there’s still some people out there who take pleasure from spreading STDs and HIV. Since dating apps are mostly anonymous, they will not guilty at all. They can become who they want to be and spread herpes under fake name and address.

Online dating apps that help anonymous find a hookup can wind up doing double duty. There is nothing bad in spreading the news how to protect yourself as well as a potential partner from herpes and HIV.

In real life if someone is diagnosed with herpes or HIV, the medical caretaker will ask for a list of previous sexual partners and there is nothing wrong about it. However on the Internet no one will talk openly about previous partners and possible ways to spread the infection. This is a taboo topic, since you won't feel attractive enough to get laid if you admit to having herpes.

Online dating is quick without any responsibilities. You can get laid with the random person every day without a problem. Obviously something what is quick and easy, it’s not safe.

In another hand, having an opportunity to spot herpes online, give a great chance to actually reduce it. When patients do not have contact information for former sex partners, doctors and medical care can work through the online or social media applications mentioned in the case history and check for that ex-partners. This might help in advising partners to get checked and get proper treatment.

Sadly some most famous dating apps like Tinder and not giving information to the third parties even if it’s a case of life and death.

Healthcare takers and specialists should ask anyone to get tested if they met a partner online through an app or other social media site since there’s no guarantee that the person who you’ve met yesterday is clear and herpes free.

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