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Dating with herpes or any sexually transmitted infection for that matter can often prove to be difficult. It had been observed that in society STDs topics are still considered as taboo, as something we don’t want to even hear about. That’s why so less people are truly educated about herpes. Many people think that herpes are like barrier in sex life, once you have it- there’s no more sex for you. Obviously it’s not true since people with STDs can enjoy sexual life as well while being caution about some factors. However, dating with herpes is definitely more challenging than dating as a STDs free. Here’s our countdown to few most hard challenges when it comes to dating if you are herpes positive.

·Being rejected because you’re living with herpes. It’s a fact that people with sexual transmitted infections are more likely to be rejected. Not only because of the herpes itself but the stereotype which claim that people with STDs are mostly sexually active from early age, being prostitutes or drugs takers. This lack of knowledge in society leads to many misunderstanding between people and the possibility to be rejected is quite high. We are not talking here about rejection for having sex but even rejection for have a cup of coffee together. Close minded people think that they can catch STDs while going out and grab a lunch together.

·You can no longer have casual sex with anyone. When you discover herpes sex isn’t anything like it was earlier. People with STDs need to follow strict rules and precaution since they can transmit the virus anytime, to anybody. What’s more you don’t need to get into vaginal or oral intercourse to spread herpes. Kissing might be a way to transmit STDs too. You need to learn how to live with herpes, and change lifestyle totally. However this is something you can do well and get used to it in a matter of time.

·Talking about herpes with someone who doesn’t have it. Being open about your disease might be the most challenging part here. Nobody likes to share secrets hidden deep inside, but sometimes it’s the only way out. You need to talk about STDs with your partner right before the actual intercourse. It’s not easy but it’s needed to be done. Spreading virus without a notice wouldn’t be very wise idea. Over a half of people with herpes who are willing to date, find this part the most hard when it comes to dating with herpes.

·Finding true love. Everybody need and deserved to be love. People with herpes are no excuse. They find it really difficult to find true love and partner ready to commitment. Herpes are blocking their way for a happy life and possible marriage. However there’s a hope for those who are struggling with STDs - join a herpes dating site. Place where is no judgment about your sickness with a bunch of people who have some problems like you. Acceptation is a number one here. Many people suffering from herpes, found their love, peace and happiness on online dating sites.

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