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Despite the fact that online STD dating is convenient and allows singles to connect with like – minded people from across the globe, it has been noticed that it attracts a lot of criminals and scammers. ( Useful dating tips for people with STIs>> ) It goes without saying that everything in this world is like a coin – it has two sides, one positive and the other being negative. It is up to you how judiciously you use the service and make the most of it.


In order to counter the attempts made by scammers, there are a several tools designed to foil their attempts to exploit the vulnerability of innocent users. Here are a few tools that can help you:



Similar to the Google image search algorithm, this tool too allows users to find out the origin of an image. The website also allows users to filter images based on various platforms such as webshots.com or flickr.com. In addition to showing that the image already exists, it also shows the image URL, the last time it was crawled and the product that it intends to endorse. The tool is also available as plug-ins for some of the leading browsers such as Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Opera and Chrome. Remember, unlike Google that uses keywords to search, this tools only makes use of images and brands.

If you happen to be an unregistered user, the results are bound to expire in 72 hours. On the other hand, if you choose to register the results would be saved in the history for a longer duration of time.



Probably the most powerful tool for determining the true identity of an individual. While the web search would allow you to search for the person based on keywords like his name and location, a more advanced image search tool would show you if the image actually belongs to the person or if he is using the image of another individual. The web search on the other hand, would show you whether the information given by the person is consistent across multiple platform and assist in determining his / her genuineness. Bear in mind that the Google search algorithms are considered one of the most extensive in the world that are nearly unmatched. Every piece of text or image is crawled by their algorithms, which would in turn help you find a person’s identity.



Over the years, it has been observed that most scammers hail from either Nigeria or Russia. No matter how careful you are, these individuals pretending to be wealthy men, divorced women, widows are known to drain you of your wealth in the most innovative ways possible. You might have got messages from women asking for money or financial assistance. While these might be genuine in a few cases, you just cannot take things for granted and share your bank account information or transfer funds. And Romancescamsnow.com is also a good place to filter out fake profiles.

This website would allow you to keep a tab on all the photos that scammers tend to use so that you’re not caught in the trap. In addition, you can also give self-tests to determine whether or not the person whom you’re interacting with on a social networking site is actually a scammer or genuine user. You can follow this up with Google image search and Tineye to get an additional confirmation.

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