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Overview of 1in4-date.com

1in4-date.com is one of the less known websites in online herpes dating category. The website came into existence back in 2005 and since then it has been helping people find someone who would help them get over the stigma attached with herpes and live an absolutely normal life. The name of the website highlights the fact that 1 in 4 Americans are living with herpes and there is a dire need to help these singles find a life companion.

Becoming a part of this site

The process of joining this herpes dating website is simple and wouldn’t take a lot of time. You're given the option of registering right on the home page. The process starts off with you entering your personal details such as valid email and password. You would then be prompted to give some additional details pertaining to your interests as well as the kind of partner you wish to have. We advise prospective users of this site to give precise details as this would help the website suggest better profiles. You still have the option of hiding or showing your STDs status to others. All in all, the process of becoming a member is extremely easy and even new users wouldn’t have issues doing it.


1in4-date.com claims to offer dating solutions for gifted individuals. The site packs a decent set of features that allow users to use various built – in options to find a match and mark a new beginning to their love life with herpes. Here are a few characteristic features of this site that intend to make things simpler and convenient:

▪ Free registration and freedom of designing a detailed profile.
▪ Users are allowed to add a maximum of 4 high-quality pictures.
▪ Use the quick search option to find an ideal match, or browse through the site looking for people who match your preferences.
▪ Advanced search options are available to premium users that give access to a lot of other parameters.
▪ Explore the public as well as private chat rooms and build a rapport with other like – minded people hailing from all over the world, but America in particular.
▪ Check out who’s online and initiate a conversation at your convenience.
▪ The instant messaging client allows registered users to chat with other users in real time.
▪ The dashboard makes things very convenient and you can access every section of the site without having to search for it.
▪ The cupid connection section employs a built – in a search system that shows ideal matches based on information included in your profile.
▪ Add audio or video clips to the profile to show others what you have in store.

Finding a match

Although this site doesn’t offer the proficiency that some of the segment leaders do, it still has a decent number options that you can explore. While the quick search system allows users find a match based on sex, age, location and type of STDs, advanced search system gives you a greater deal of flexibility. Kindly bear in mind that advanced search option is accessible to only premium users of this site.

Subscriptions / Upgrading

If you're looking to become a premium user of this site and use every feature that is available on the site, upgrading would be needed. As a promotional scheme, you'd be able to upgrade absolutely free of charge for as long as you want to. However, the site might re-introduce subscription plans anytime soon. Check out the Subscription page on the site for more details.

Safety and Security

Although users are offered a fair deal of privacy options that can give them complete control of every aspect of the profile, it still feels amateurish, especially when you compare it with some of the bigger herpes dating websites such as the likes of PositiveSingles.com. Nevertheless, given the fact that you're paying absolutely nothing to use the site, it isn't a bad thing. Nonetheless, if you're looking for advanced privacy settings, this isn't the place for you.

Editor’s Verdict

1in4-date.com is in no regard a non-professional website for people with herpes, however it’s worth trying out. The website boasts of various search and communication options that can help you communicate effectively with like – minded people from across the globe. You can add pictures, audio / video clips in order to optimize the profile the way you wish to. The help section isn't great but you still have the option of contacting the help desk to know more.

The absence of blogs and forums is undoubtedly a huge disappointment and you wish there was something more in terms of communication than what positive singles does. On the other hand, the site design isn't very premium and attractive. But, the site is absolutely free to join as well as upgrade, provided you choose to upgrade immediately.

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