Why dating someone with herpes is harder than dating if you have herpes?

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Dating with herpes is not an easy task and might bring lots of complications if a person doesn’t know how to treat body after being infected. STDs and all sexually transmitted diseases have a tendency to make live quality less, especially in love area. However, it seems like people who have herpes and they are aware of it, can have love life even better than before. There’s a saying that dating someone with herpes is much harder than dating and finding a partner if you have STDs yourself. Is that truth?

First of all, let’s focus on herpes syndromes and how to recognize them in front of many other skin diseases and allergies. If you have enough knowledge you will be able to recognize herpes easily. Unfortunately, most of the people have no knowledge about sexually transmitted diseases at all. It means that even symptoms appear, patients are not able to recognize it at first. Some people can live with herpes for years, without knowing they have them. That’s why education is the main key here. It means that the person with who you are hanging out with might have herpes but will discover it years later. If the person who has STDs is not aware, this might affect your body and health condition as well. This is first reason why it’s harder to date someone with herpes, because of simple, not enough knowledge.

Another reason might be hygiene. It seems simple but hygiene process shall be more detailed and more caution if you have herpes. Some people who have STDs do not care about daily routine by skipping the shower, washing hands after toilet and even washing teeth (especially it’s important if you have sores outbreaks around lips area). For people with herpes, it’s recommended to take shower twice a day (morning and before night time) to minimalize the risk of transmission. Obviously, herpes is in the cleaned body too, but won’t be that effective and sores might not break that often. Especially ladies, having herpes, shall be very caution and take shower as much as possible during period time. Blood and herpes are not best friends ever and it might cause skin allergy and another painful disease. It’s more challenging to date someone with herpes because you don’t know perfectly if the person you are meeting is keeping proper hygiene or not.

Third reason is definitely medication and proper treatment. Many people are trying to deny having herpes even they found it on body area. This is very wrong and might lead to overall body infection and death (if you have HIV virus). Denying STDs won’t make a change, but taking proper treatment and start care about the body, will do the magic. Unfortunately, even some patients are aware of having herpes they decline any medical support and treatment. The reason of this might be the fact that once you start STDs medications, you need to continue them to the rest of life. For most of people this is a very uncomfortable way to live and expose herpes. Some people prefer to stay quiet and do not share their secret at all. If you are dating someone with herpes be sure that your partner is taking proper medications and professional help. In another case, you cannot be sure that this person won’t put your life in a danger.

Dating someone with herpes takes time and lots of understanding. If you have STDs yourself and still willing to find a partner who has them too, but might has a lack of knowledge about herpes, with your support and proper medical treatment, you both can live a long and happy life together.

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