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Sexual life is something everybody will experience sooner or later. Sex is a thing we desire from early childhood. When the moment comes, we are not that likely to think about consequences like pregnancy or getting herpes. That night when you gone wild and didn’t put a condom, or had a quick and random sex with somebody you never saw before. The next morning you start to panic and Google up all possibilities of getting herpes. By all images showing up in front of you, you started to feel dizzy, not comfortable and feel pain down there.

What’s the real like hood of getting herpes from a one night stand, and how to avoid all dangerous situations like this? What if you really got any kind of STDs? Let’s find out the answers.

The like hood of getting herpes on one night stand is much higher than getting STDs from a stable and relatively honest relationship. If you are bring a guy or girl out from a bar or having sex with an old friend of yours you have no idea about this person’s past sexual experiences. There are many stories of getting STDs from a one night stands but it all finish with an unprotected sex. If you are still into having random sex with a person you don’t know, using condoms is a must here doesn’t matter if it’s vaginal intercourse or blowjob. Please do remember to change condom into fresh one every time you change position. For example do not give blowjob to a penis wrapped with a condom which was in your vagina just ago.

The possibility of getting herpes from a one night adventure is quite high and risky. If you prefer to keep yourself clean and out of drama either way you should give up one night stands or talk honestly with your partner. Honest talking might be difficult especially if you are drunk, you both are too horny to think in a rational way or you are ashamed of such talks. If you are the one who is having STDs it’s better to say about this to your partner right before intercourse, even if the intercourse is supposed to be protected with condom. Not telling will lead you to self-worried and feeling fault.

It the worst situation happened and you got STDs and first out break you need to take care by a doctor. Taking pills to the rest of your life might not be the best option ever. If you are a woman, the change of give herpes to baby are rising too. If you feel you might got herpes from one night stand do not hesitate to consult it with your doctor, and take some blood tests to be sure if you are positive or negative.

One night stands are “perfect occasions” to get STDs because you don’t have any information about the person who you want to sex with. Phone number written on the piece of paper won’t be enough to know if this person has herpes or not. We do not recommend one night adventures for the sake of your own health and spirit condition.

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