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Herpes and sexually diseases have no limitations when it comes to transmission. They might infect young and older people and also the ones who prefer to date with the same gender. When it comes to homosexuals, STDs are more likely to be transmitted because most of the homosexuals do not prefer to have protected sex, since there’s no risk of pregnancy. Due to unprotected sex, herpes are going to appear sooner or later and it some of the cases it might be even too late to take proper treatment. However, in most of the cases, homosexuals with herpes are not going to give up active sexual life. Having good and healthy sexual life is still possible with STDs and today we are going to give you a few tips “how to” do it.

1.If you are using sex toys such a dildo or anal plugs, make sure to use a condom with each new partner. Condoms are NOT for re-use.

2.Clean your sex toys with a soap and antibacterial liquid before any play.

3.If you have herpes in mouth avoid oral sex. Alternatively, you may consider using dental dams. It’s a piece of latex which will protect you and your partner. If you cannot buy dental dam, you might make one from a condom.

4.Wash hands before and after sexual activity.

5.If you are willing to do fisting, use latex medical gloves and lots of lubricants.

6.Keep your intimate area clean and fresh. Proper hygiene is most important especially when you have sores outbreaks.

7.For ladies: avoid sex when you are having a period.

8.Seek medical advice. Even though there’s thousands of online articles and sources to get help, the best one if your medical center or a doctor who is working with patients having herpes and have to experience in STDs treatment.

9.Always inform partner about your condition BEFORE sex. Spreading herpes with premeditation, without knowledge of your partner is ILLEGAL.

10.Consider using herpes online dating sites if you are willing to find a long-term partner who might struggle with the same kind of STDs as you.

11.Do not freak out about having herpes, you are not the first and not the last one who is having them.

12.Be honest and love yourself. If you cannot love yourself, you cannot fall in love and give feelings to another person.

13.Never avoid herpes syndromes or sores outbreaks. If you feel like your body condition getting worse, consult it with a doctor.

14.Join herpes communities and events in order to gather more knowledge, help and meet other people who deal with the same problem.

15.Be open about your disease and try to help others if they are new to herpes.

Having herpes doesn’t mean you cannot have a relationship and enjoy sexual activities. You are still allowed to do it if you will keep proper health, body, and soul condition. We are full of hope that despite herpes, your love life quality can be better like never before.

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