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Herpes or herpes simplex virus is affecting a huge population. Also, there are basically two types of herpes i.e. HSV-1 & HSV-2. Whilst HSV-1 is generally responsible for oral herpes; HSV-2 is associated more often with genital herpes. Although there is no specific rule (self-care for herpes at home) regarding this, both the viruses can cause either.

Now oral herpes is generally characterised by cold sores. Also, oral herpes caused by HSV-1 virus generally affects above the waist. People suffering from this virus experience cold sores and red-blue patches around their lips. Sores can take place inside their mouth as well covering inner lips and sometimes gums as well. So, this basically makes it easy to judge or make out whether a person is suffering from oral herpes or not. And males and females experience similar symptoms during this condition.

Now, it is obviously possible to have sex with oral herpes but then again, precautions are to be taken so that the disease does not pass onto your partner.

Basically, oral herpes is transmitted majorly because of two reasons that have been mentioned below-

1) If two people engage in kissing whilst the blisters are present, this can easily lead to passing on of this disease and its virus.

2) During the presence of blisters, herpes is easily transferred from one person to another even by sharing of utensils and other products such as lip balm.

So, as you know it now, try and take care of yourself and your partner during the blister phase.

1. You need to avoid kissing your partner and strictly stay away from unprotected oral sex if your partner is experiencing blisters.

2. Unprotected sex is obviously not an option. So, during outbreak, if you still want to engage in oral sex activities, make sure you use condoms and dental dams. And also keep in your mind that oral sex is also one of the major reasons of transferring herpes.

3. You can also use suppressants to calm down the intensity of outbreaks. This will let you feelrelaxed and you’ll feel less agitated over things.

4. And last but not the least, make sure you stay calm and do not rush into things whilst having sex with oral herpes. Do not get carried away with emotions and always remember that your health is your topmost priority. So be wise and careful.

Regardless of which strand of herpes you are infected with, it would be wise to tell your partner everything about it prior to getting physical. (How to date STD free partners?)You wouldn’t want your partner to blame you for giving him herpes, would you? In addition, make sure you consult a physician and ask him for any precautionary methods that could be used in order to prevent transmission of the virus.

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