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Overview of MeetPositives.com

MeetPositives.com is one of the latest entrants in the online STD dating segment. Incepted as recently as 2014, this site aims to change the way people perceive sexually transmitted infections. The website emphasizes on the fact that people that are infected with an STDs don’t need to have “the talk” as they already share a certain level of understanding, having gone through the phase. The website isn't exclusive to people with any specific STDs but rather welcomes any individual who is infected.

Becoming a part of MeetPositives.com

Becoming a member of MeetPositives.com is easy and simple. All you need to do enter your sex, what you're looking for in addition to the STDs you have. The website also takes your location, which is then utilized in generating automated matches. This information also plays a key role when it comes to manual searches made by other users on the website. Once you're done with this, you might be required to enter more details pertaining to your tastes and interests. The process is very simple and wouldn’t waste a great deal of time either.


Before you join this website, it is essential that you bear in mind that the site is currently in Beta phase and the makers of the site may choose to make a great deal of changes in the future. Therefore, any feature that is currently available on the site may or may not make its way to the final version of the site. Here are some of the noteworthy features available on the site that can help you make some amazing connections.

▪ Free and simple registration and profile building process.
▪ Tones of informative blogs on herpes and other sexually transmitted infections.
▪ A decent membership base comprising of people from all over the world, primarily the United States of America.
▪ The site welcomes homosexuals, in addition to heterosexuals and is accessible to people of the United Kingdom, Mexico, Ireland, Germany and Canada.
▪ Advanced search options for people looking to connect with other like – minded individuals.
▪ Advanced support options as well as a dedicated help center that aims to clear all the misconceptions related to STDs.
▪ Check out member stories and learn about how they overcame all the difficulties to emerge victoriously.
▪ Explore safety tips for people that are affected with sexually transmitted infections and wish to date online.
▪ Optimized to work smoothly on any kind of device, regardless of whether you're using a desktop, tablet, or smartphone.
▪ Personalized ads that are geared towards helping people with the same interests find a compatible match.
▪ Community features that can help you connect with a lot of people with minimal effort.

A modern approach to online Herpes / STD dating

Despite the fact that a lot of websites have been doing exceptionally well in bringing together people who are living with STDs, some people are under the impression that there is a need to modernize this segment of online dating by offering better services that are user – oriented and help people overcome the stigma attached with STDs. MeetPositives.com belongs to the newer generation of STD dating sites that aim to revolutionize online herpes dating.

The features or options that you'd see on the website aren't the final set and the site is expected to undergo extensive changes in the near future. This is currently a Beta phase and users can certainly make healthy contributions in order to make this service better.


Although you would find the upgrade option available on the website, it is worth mentioning that the site is offering 3 months of free premium membership for the first 10,000 users. This can be regarded as a promotional scheme available on the site for a limited time period only. We suggest you make the most of this promotional offer and join the site for all the benefits that it has to offer.


MeetPositives.com represents the face of modern STD dating that is friendlier and easier to use than most websites that ruled in the past. While the site cannot match up to segment leaders such as PositiveSingles.com in terms of features or the subscriber base, it is certainly picking up some pace and striving to make its presence felt in the highly competitive market.

The website has some decent set of features and boasts of a dedicated mobile version as well; that it claims is optimized for a host of devices and platforms. Although the user interface and overall design language of the site is absolutely stunning, it lacks on the privacy aspect. Given the fact that the site is free to join and use for the first 10,000 users, it certainly isn't a bad option and we expect this dating service to grow in the future.

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